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Re-inventing Urban And Transport Infrastructure

Country : Kalanager, Mumbai

The Kalanagar junction in Mumbai is one of the most critical and busiest transport junctions that connects public and private trasport across the city. Our vision for this junction is to create a prototype and a robust transit system that can serve as a bold vision to transform the way transit junctions function in Mumbai. We have given enormous importance to pedistrian safety and the way vehicular artries can interconnnect without affecting pedistrian change overs. Private transport and public transport get allocated thorough various layers of horizontal and vertical routes connecting north-south and east-west of the city. In Mumbai, transport interchange zones and railway stations are flooded with hawkers and daily house hold shops which is an unavoidable trend of thousands of commuters after work hours. This creates a much larger zone of pedistrian chaos and traffic hazards. We have tried to generate a prototype where the commuters can pass through an enclosed zone of shopping before branching out to various public and private transport interconnections and eleminate the need for chaotic street shopping in such critical nodes of Mumbai.

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