Bryonn Architecture Ltd. is based in UK, founded by Ninad Patil. It specialises in Urban Design/ Masterplanning, Architecture and cost-effective interior design. Their expertise lies in carefully integrating innovative design solutions with cost-effective techniques to create a more unique and realistic blend. Every project is approached with a customised blend of research, form experimentation and analysis to create designs that are meaningful, sustainable and inspiring. The emphasis is also on giving due consideration to surrounding social and urban context for every project so that it has a more positive impact on the built environment and lifestyle. Every design process involves a strong design philosophy, research and interactive development so that the architectural forms and interventions are influenced and informed by current and future needs. Bryonn Architecture Ltd. works with a strong technical knowledge in research, design implementation, construction and supervision.


We focus on building and growing our supportive international network where the contribution towards the built environment in any place can be cohesive and robust. Our aim is to create sustainable environments through collaboration and dialogues between various professionals and authorities. We pride ourselves in effectively adapting to the local needs and demands of any urban set up in various countries and delivering effective architectural solutions.


We engage our clients and consulting companies in all aspects of design, framework and management to unlock all the possibilities of generating a successful project at the same time integrating with our approach towards sustainability and surrounding aspects of each context.

Collective inputs

We always engage a collective and multidisciplinary design and decision making approach between our team and various authorities, consultants and professional to generate the productivity and project opportunities to its best degree. Our Clients and core members of the project play a vital part in this process and see how the project proceed towards the development stage.


Our work is based on research, analysis, evaluation and engagement for all projects ranging from large scale inner city regeneration to smaller architectural developments. We try to shape the needs of urban environment and objectives of our clients through a creative dialogue between various factors of design, planning and management. The accent is on producing designs which are elegant and timeless and low maintenance. It has a lasting impact on our lives and surroundings. We always strive to integrate the surrounding urban aspects, develop solutions that respond to culture, context and time so that we can implement a more homogenous, cost-effective and eco friendly intervention.


At Bryonn Architecture Ltd. we understand the value of maintaing a learning environment and continuos growth in research, policies and expertise so that our work is generated out of experience, technical expertise and innovative processes. Various programs are carried out including development in latest softwares and CRD (collaboration+research+design) for various professionals to share the dialogues for innovation and inspiration. We continuously expand our affiliations with universities and professional organisations across the globe.

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