Projects Details

Vacation House

Country : United Kingdom

The concept for this 2,500 sqft vacation house generated from the vast forest expanse existing in the beautiful Cramlington estate. The idea was to insert a cube(house) which functions like a caravan or a tent in the middle of forest as if almost it did not have any visual and physical boundaries.

The emphasis was to achieve a strong visual and physical connection with the surrounding as if the cube did not exist. We generated spaces that flaunt posh interior decor and are well isolated against cold, yet maintaining the joy of living in the middle of forest. The insulated glazing and double layerd concrete walls proposed for this project were mainly to insulate the house well against the trapped heat inside the from escaping out. Also it would help keeping the maintainance cost of the house substantially low during non-occupancy peroids.

The long seamless concrete wall was also mainly proposed to act as a projection screen to project movies inside and outside of the wall while having camp-fire night outs. The emphasis in this design and concept was to achieve a complete forest caravan experience while still living in maintainance free luxurious house.

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